Thursday, September 19, 2013

Mini Devil's Chocolate Cake with Raspberries and Cream

I absolutely love devil's chocolate cake and this recipe (from David Lebovitz) is seriously good! I first made this for little girl's birthday last year and I've been wanting to make this chocolate cake for quite some time now for the simple reason that it's delicious!  It's rich, it's moist, it's light, it's fluffy, and most importantly, absolutely decadent! Everything a chocolate cake should be!  

I couldn't resist buying fresh raspberries on the weekend even though they're not in season and this punnet cost me a ridiculous $8 (they just looked too pretty)!  I was very nearly tempted to call it a day in the kitchen for this week (given I still have blondies and mini orange cakes sitting in the fridge), but then my eyes would cast over at the $8 raspberries sitting there in the fridge and I was darned if I was going to risk them going all mouldy and soggy while I wait for the weekend to bake. 
So to add to the stockpile of desserts sitting in the fridge, I decided to make these mini cakes.  Nothing beats chocolate cake filled with fresh whipped cream.  And of course, the cake wouldn't be complete without the raspberries on top and to add a dash of extra elegance to these, some white chocolate shavings! You may recall a while ago I mentioned that I had only a handful of cakes that I absolutely love love love and this is definitely in my top 5!

P.s. the fridge currently looks like its ready for a bake sale!

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