Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Christmas Cookies

I hadn't planned on doing any more baking after my last post.  In fact, I had already signed off for 2014 signalling my intention to do no further baking! So these gingerbread cookies were a very last minute creation when I suddenly remembered that we hadn't organised any presents for little girl's teachers at her childcare centre.   
While we could have ducked to the shops and bought chocolates, I decided it would be fun to involve little girl in the baking of these gingerbread cookies.  While these were the ones I decorated, there were plenty for little girl to decorate and she opted for more simple decoration, preferring to dot every cookie full of M&M's!
Little girl was proud as punch as she hand delivered the cookies to her teachers today!

And with plenty left over, some of these cookies will also be left out for Santa tonight!
And apologies for yet another gingerbread related post.  I'm sure this will be the last gingerbread creation for 2014!
 With it being Christmas eve and all, I will end it here! Have a merry Christmas everyone!

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