Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Ginger cake with lemon and pistachio icing

 I've recently been craving something gingery sweet and as soon as the craving started, I stumbled across Neil Perry's ginger cake with lemon and pistachio icing (see recipe).  I had to make this cake and quick! It was as if the stars were all aligned as not only did I stumble across the recipe, but I actually had time to make it to satisfy my craving! Little girl was feeling under the weather and ended up going for a 3 hour nap one afternoon allowing me precious hours to bake!
This cake is really delicious.  It's like a cake version of a gingerbread cookie! It's so light and moist and has a wonderfully intense ginger kick (as it calls for freshly grated ginger).  Perfect to satisfy a ginger craving!  Unfortunately, I didn't have enough fresh ginger at hand (having used most of it in the tofu fa I'd made the night before) so I substituted the rest with ginger powder (lots and lots and lots of it).  
Lemon frosting on its own is the best, but paired with the ginger cake, it was wonderful! I could give or take on the chopped pistachios, they definitely do add texture and is a lovely complement but the real hero is the cake itself and the frosting!
I can't rave enough about this cake!  If you're as much of a fan of gingery sweets as I am, then this cake is definitely worthwhile making!

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