Friday, August 10, 2012


Things have been so hectic lately I very nearly did not get a chance to bake.  So when I found some time yesterday, I decided I had to bake something that wasn't as technically difficult as what I've been attempting to make in the past couple of weeks! I settled on a battenburg as it's simply a sponge cake, trimmed down to size, glued together with apricot jam and wrapped by marzipan or fondant.  

I love this cake because it’s so English.  In fact, it was originally created by the chefs of the British Royal Family in honour of the marriage between Queen Victoria’s grand-daughter to the German Prince of Battenburg.  
I'm really pleased with the symmetry achieved, which I thought I would struggle a bit with.  However, the most tricky part for me was actually working with the ready to roll fondant, which I'm not accustomed to using.  As you can see, the fondant is slightly thicker than what I would like, but  any thinner and I was having problems with lifting the fondant without it tearing.  I think in hindsight, I should have rolled the cake into the fondant, rather than lifting the fondant to surround the cake, if that makes any sense!
I do like the cross stitch pattern of the cake - it reminds me of the Chanel cross stitch handbags which I love!!
The almond in the sponge was very subtle and likewise the apricot jam that glues each rectangle together.  Having said that, the sponge is really quite nice and goes perfect with a cup of tea!  


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