Thursday, October 18, 2012

Mini Profiterole Tower

OMG let me just say what a crazy CRAZY couple of weeks it has been! I am absolutely exhausted and that is an understatement! I've not been baking much these days, but baking is soon to be all I will be doing as I embark on a project to cater a whole afternoon tea function at our new cafe.  Yep, you heard right, I have an official booking for afternoon tea and yes, we have a NEW cafe! OMG!

So with our new cafe having recently settled where I have been working at these past few weeks, you can understand why baking and blogging have slid down the list of priorities.  But with the afternoon tea booking coming up VERY soon, I've had to make time to practise some creations.  This is my first official function and I want it to be absolutely perfect!
 I've decided that I will put these little babies on the menu! Aren't they absolutely adorable? They're miniature profiterole towers, filled with whipped cream and glazed with a chocolate sauce.
It's really difficult to get an appreciation of how tiny these little babies are, so I placed them against a teacup and you can see how tiny they are.  Each profiterole only measures about 1-1.5cm, so each tower is only about 4cm high. OMG, so cute!   
I love being able to peel away each profiterole one by one, but its really not necessary as you can pop the whole thing in your mouth in one bite! But that would take the fun away from eating this! 
As one of the guests at the afternoon tea follows this blog, I've decided not to publish this post on my facebook profile until after the event, as I don't want to ruin the surprise for her and the other guests! I really hope I can pull this off - I have such nervous excitement building up in me! Fingers crossed! Who knows, maybe one day in the future, these afternoon teas will be a regular occurrence at the new cafe! That would be awesome!


  1. Too awesome!! They look divine!

  2. The first afternoon tea was an amazing success!!!! These desserts were popular with everyone and all your hard work really paid off!!!