Monday, September 10, 2012

Pistachio Macarons

It has been a hell-ish kind of week, one that could not have been anticipated.  Anyone who has had to nurse a sick baby will know exactly what I mean!  I was even super organised with my baking, having baked two different kinds of macarons for father's day with the intention of making two blog posts out of one baking session!  Just as well I did that, as I didn't even get a chance to post this blog until now!

On to these macarons! Whenever C and I get gelati, we always get the unbeatable combo of coffee and pistachio.
I was so excited about testing out the avocado green food dye I bought recently.  Except that the colour didn't really come through in the macaron shell.  I only put in the smallest drop of food colouring so if I hadn't burnt the shells, you would have seen the subtle pistachio colour.  Instead, the shells turned a very light sand colour thanks to me completely forgetting the macs were in the oven baking!
The intensity of the colour of the ganache makes up for the shells! It was purely an accident though as instead of squirting out only a few drops of colouring, I ended up squirting practically the whole bottle!
And as per the coffee macarons, I only just needed the ganache to mellow out the shells so after a few hours of sitting there, these macs had the perfect crunch and chewiness.

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