Monday, February 25, 2013

Chocoate caramel brownie

It was a brownie bake off weekend! Actually I had nothing to do with the bake off so I can't claim any credit - this was a bake off between C and a work friend who we fondly call Frenchie! Over the week, C was telling Frenchie how he was planning on baking brownies over the weekend to which Frenchie claimed she could bake a mean brownie.  Hence the challenge was set!   A salted caramel chocolate brownie bake off!

These brownies were delicious, although the only complaint was that C was a bit over zealous with the salt.  I happen to love salt, and salt with chocolate taste amazing, so I didn't mind the saltiness.  This recipe called for salt flakes to be lightly dusted on top of the brownie, however, we didn't have any salt flakes, only salt rocks! So when you bit into a salt rock, it could be quite intense! 

So the winner ...? Frenchie! While I absolutely love the flavour of the brownie C baked, Frenchie actually had the correct texture of the brownie.  Although C followed the recipe to a tee, he later discovered from our chef friend (one of the judges) that he must have set the oven temperature too high, hence the brownie came out a bit "cake" like.

Anyway, brownies are one of those treats that I will allow myself once in a blue moon - only because they are so so deadly and I can never stop at one slice! In my opinion, they're one of the best comfort food.  Except this time, I had no reason to be comforted so these were purely an indulgent treat! My waistline was very grateful when C gobbled up the last bit of the brownie before I could!

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