Sunday, December 30, 2012

Fruit Tartlets

I am on a serious blogging roll tonight! After many months of silence, it's like you can't shut me up!  I figure that now I have the time (and motivation), I am going to keep posting until I run out of material, and fortunately for you followers, I've almost run out of material for the meantime!

Funnily enough, I've never made a fruit tart before.  I've made the different components that go into a fruit tart several times, namely, sweet shortcrust pastry and vanilla creme patissiere, although usually when I happen to make the two together, I make little mini cupcake size tartlets and top it off with a single hulled strawberry as that is all that will usually fit on it.

Given all these fruits are in season and they all happened to be stocked in our fridge, I decided to put these on the afternoon tea menu.

I love the array of colours, the vibrant red of the raspberry, orange from the apricot, green from the kiwi and the blue from the blueberries.

Of course, the apricot glaze makes these colours glisten beautifully!  
Fruit tarts are best eaten immediately as the pastry cream really softens the tart shell.  As these had been sitting out at room temperature for a bit, unfortunately by the time I bit into it, this was a goopy mess.  But they were still tasty in my opinion!

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