Thursday, December 11, 2014

Gingerbread Sleigh

Still riding on the high of my gingerbread carousel, I decided to make one more Christmas inspired gingerbread creation - a gingerbread sleigh...with reindeers! 

There was no way I was "free styling" reindeers so I bought a cookie cutter for those! Cookie cutters make everything so much easier!
Putting together the gingerbread sleigh proved to be surprisingly just as difficult as the carousel, something I didn't anticipate.  I think this is because there was no room to hide errors in the sleigh given the simplicity of the structure, whereas the carousel had so many facets to it, you could hide imperfections!

The front of the sleigh

It was an exercise of will power to stay away from colouring the sleigh pink! But I did it! However, I unintentionally ended up colouring the sleigh an equally feminine colour as pink, Tiffany blue! Oh well, a leopard cannot change its spots!
An overview of the sleigh including chair!
Back of the sleigh

Given the amount of gingerbread dough I made, I had plenty spare to make two sets of santa sleighs, which is exactly what I ended up doing (actually, I had enough to make another carousel if I really wanted to but let's be honest, who has that amount of energy)!  So there you have it, two lots of santa sleighs! Cray Cray!
Having two lots of gingerbread sleighs and a gingerbread carousel is bordering on excessive wouldn't you think? Not so, according to little girl who has been eagerly eying these. I have managed to convince her that she doesn't need two sleighs so one will be given away to one lucky customer of our cafe!
It's been a busy month of baking! Aside from gingerbread, I've also been making ginger spiced reindeer macarons to sell at the cafe leading up to Christmas! It truly is the silly season! 

Signing off for 2014, have a merry Christmas everyone and thank you for reading this blog! xx

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