Sunday, March 1, 2015

Chocolate chip cookies

Early last week, I was having a super-mum moment.  This rarely, if ever, occurs.  There was no TV, no Peppa Pig or ABC4Kids, no iphone or tablet to play with, it was a day of pure human interaction filled with educational yet fun activities for a preschooler! 

Baking these cookies was a brilliant diversion from "guess what is in this bag" game and the "let's sort objects according to the letter it begins with" game.  An activity that I could genuinely enjoy!

Cookies are brilliant for a preschooler to get involved with.  Anyone who knows me knows that I can be very "serious" [replace with "uptight"] when I engage in a task, and as a result, I can turn something that would normally be fun, into something well, un-fun.  Accuracy is crucial in baking and 3 year olds don't really have a knack for being accurate and precise in anything they do so this activity could have potentially turned very sour!

However, the brilliant thing about cookies is that whatever goes and accuracy is irrelevant.  Little girl and I were working like two old cooks in the kitchen, it was fantastic team work! I'm pleased to say that with some supervision, these cookies were 100% little girl's doing. Okay, I did round out the little dough balls so that the cookies would come out as near perfectly round as possible.

Nothing beats freshly baked cookies and the smell was divine! We used 70% dark chocolate which with the hint of bitterness, offset the sweet biscuit base.  I prefer soft and chewy cookies, so I took these out of the oven a little bit early before they got too crunchy.  Delicious!
Little girl definitely enjoys baking and there will be much more baking adventures for the two of us yet!

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